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Korg Prologue Patches Updated for Version 2!!!

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Korg Prologue Patches Updated for Version 2!!!

Postby RobustAmerican » Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:04 am

Greetings to all Synthusiasts!

Korg recently updated the Prologue OS to Version 2 which unfortunately played havoc with most of our patches when using a controller with aftertouch. The newly added midi aftertouch was assigned to the LFO depth by default and this managed to turn nearly every sound into an absolute mess. We just happen to love aftertouch here at Robust American Patches and we use it quite extensively in most everything we do. So, we couldn't let things stand like that. We went back and added usable aftertouch assignments to practically every patch in Volumes I and II. Then we changed a few things that bothered us with the original release. We also created brand new patch list files that put the old patch lists to shame. Finally, we added 5 extra patches for a grand total of 135! Many of the patches have been totally re-worked and no longer resemble their (V1) counterparts. This prompted us to include both versions of the patches with every purchase. We've been very busy creating all new demonstrations for the (V2) update and we've just added a short demo song with stems.

This update is free for all existing owners!

Volumes I & II for the Korg Prologue (V2)

The Complete (V2) Demonstrations Playlist:

The New (V2) Patch List & Descriptions pdf:

Thanks for your time!
Team Robust
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