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synthogy ivory II slow disc with external SSD

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synthogy ivory II slow disc with external SSD

Postby donnie darko » Sun Apr 05, 2020 8:01 pm

Hello folks,

I've been playing synthogy's ivory II which is stored on my Western Digital 'my passport' external ssd, it connects via micro usb 3.0 to the usb type c of my iMac. In the synthogy manual it says if you are using an SSD you can max out the number of voices played (1000 in ivory's case) but when I have anything above the default 24 voices it says slow disc.

I thought this was a bit odd, so I did a quick speed test, dragging a 1gb file from the ssd to my Mac desktop, and also dragged the same file from my old lacie 7200rpm external HDD connected via usb 3.0 and found the lacie quicker.

What the heck has gone on here? i do have another cable with the ssd which uses usb 3.0 instead of the type c I am currently using. *edit - just tried the other cable and it's still slower*

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