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LINK 51: Spreading Your Music Across Networked Computers

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LINK 51: Spreading Your Music Across Networked Computers

Postby Martin Walker » Thu Nov 03, 2005 5:12 pm

Spreading Your Music Across Networked ComputersNetworking computers is now more straightforward than it used to be, there's a good choice of connection protocols, and Macs can get in on the act alongside PCs. The benefits for musicians can be considerable, as we discover...


Introduction - traditional home networks, desktop/laptop networks, cross platform networks.

PC As Stand-alone MIDI Synth - connecting several computers using MIDI cables, standalone softsynths.

The Simple Host - running VST Instruments on multiple PCs without needing a sequencer.

Definitions - Ethernet, Intranet, IP, LAN, mLAN, NIC, Peer To Peer, WAN, Wi-Fi.

MIDI Over LAN - cross platform utility to link multiple computers using MIDI.

Open Sound Control - Plogues Bidule, Max/MSP, NI Reaktor.

Steinberg VST System Link - sample-accurate link using digital audio links and Steinberg software.

Setting Up A Simple Network - CAT 5 Crossover cable, Hub/switches, FireWire network, links to step-by-step Internet guides.

FX Teleport - no MIDI/Audio interfaces required on the remote computers.

Practical Examples - Eddie Bazil (aka Zukan), Markus Scheider (RISC).

The Global Recording Studio - Microsoft Remote Desktop, Virtual Network Computing, Rocket Network, Source-Connect Pro.

Audio Routing & Mmixing - various possibilities explored when working with multiple computers.

Digital Musician Net - low cost real-time collaborations around the world with video link, all running on a VST 2.0 plugin.

Network Bandwidth - transfer rates compared for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Fast Ethernet, FireWire 400, USB 2.0, FireWire 800, & Gigabit Ethernet.

Final Thoughts - Cautions, and how to get started.
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