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Yoshim + Raspberry Pi

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Yoshim + Raspberry Pi

PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 2:25 pm
by Folderol
This question has come up in a number of places, and now here too, so this is what I know so far.

Pi 0 or 1, don't bother!

I've had it running on a Pi 2, and get quite reasonable results but there are caveats of course.

The internal sound system coming out via HDMI is pretty poor and high latency. You get dramatically better results if you plug in a USB sound module - KA6 works perfectly for me, and also gives me the MIDI input sockets.

You can easily get into Xruns rapidly playing the big, long delay instrument patches with lots of reverb.

The best combination for overall ease of use along with reasonable performance and latency is with Yoshimi set up for ALSA MIDI and Jack audio (qjackctl helps you organise that). ALSA audio will sometimes give marginally better performance but is more difficult to set up.

I'm told that the Pi 3 is a useful step up overall, but still the internal sound system is to be avoided.

Pi 4 - no idea yet. It should be quite a bit better. Faster processor, more memory, better USB. What's not to like? :tongue:

If someone does get Yoshimi running on one of these I'd be very grateful for a report. Also, we have Yoshimi V 1.6.0 coming out hopefully on the 10 year anniversary - 1st September - and it would be great if we could include a step-by-step guide for running it on the Pi 4.

Can't offer any prizes, but your name would go on the list of Yoshimi's Little Band of Helpers :bouncy:

Re: Yoshim + Raspberry Pi

PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:33 pm
by Eddy Deegan
Great info, thank you Will :thumbup: