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GK2/GK3 vs RMC / Graphtech systems

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GK2/GK3 vs RMC / Graphtech systems

Postby Jay Menon » Tue Apr 21, 2020 1:17 pm

I wonder - is there a difference between the GK2 / GK3 system and the piezo saddles (e.g. in a Godin guitar) in terms of latency?

By latency I mean the delay between plucking a string and the sounding of the resultant note...

I used to have a Godin ACS (about 15 years ago) and the delay on the lower strings was quite obvious, particularly whilst playing piano sounds.

Is the GK2 / GK3 system any quicker?

Expert opinions very much appreciated...
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Re: GK2/GK3 vs RMC / Graphtech systems

Postby BobTheDog » Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:16 pm

Some people say that piezos help but it us the anything I have ever noticed.

What do you have at the other end of the cable because that is probably where your delay is.
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Re: GK2/GK3 vs RMC / Graphtech systems

Postby Sam Spoons » Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:21 pm

Yup, the delay is 'cos the hardware needs, in theory, at least a ¼ cycle to recognise the pitch plus some processing time. Most need more than that but it is related to the frequency/pitch of the note so low notes take longer to decode than higher ones. If it was a linear relationship the low E string would take four times as long to decode as the high E.
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Re: GK2/GK3 vs RMC / Graphtech systems

Postby arkieboy » Sun May 17, 2020 1:19 am

Received wisdom, and my own experience, is that piezo 13 pin tracking is more consistent than just bolting a GK2/3 to any old guitar. That’s not to say that some guitars with a well set up GK pickup don’t work as well, just that you don’t need a following wind to make piezo pickups work in this application.

The speed of the tracking depends on your converter: triple play being a mite faster than an Axon AX100, with in turn is faster than the Roland units. Piezos IMO give a more consistent signal to the pitch-to-midi engine, so you won’t have odd outlier notes that take forever to register.

That said, Roland guitar modelling in general, and HRM synthesis as found in the SY300 and SY1000 dynamic synth In particular, probably work better with a well installed and set up GK pickup. In particular palm muting on piezo based guitars is not as natural as with GK based guitars. Also the s/n on Ghost Based (piezo) guitars is a problem for HRM, but this is not a concern when you’re doing pitch to midi.
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