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Limp mass / mass loaded vinyl brand recommendations please (USA)

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Limp mass / mass loaded vinyl brand recommendations please (USA)

Postby Watchmaker » Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:18 am

I'm at the start of an acoustic treatment project and amused that the most alluring bass trap design I've found in my research appears in an SOS article on designing a vocal booth...

If I struggle to focus...I would like a recommendation on a suitable MLV or similar membrane available in the States that would be viable using the design concept Paul and Hugh outline in the article.

Also, here's the optional tricky bonus round: using the trap design in the linked article, any opinions/admonitions/guidance/criticisms/mockery/praise/sundry on dimensions to curb axial modes at roughly 52.4Hz and 47.74 Hz. The room's box dimensions could be considered 23' 8"x 21' 6" (+- 3/8") with multiple ceiling planes between 9' and 9'10" sloping to between 6' and 7' feet depending on the wall. Importantly, it's only rectangular in an imaginary sense, the usable space is more like a cross. Imagine a roughly square shape with a rectangular occlusion in every corner leaving approximately 60-70% of the larger box's area usable. these occlusions are roughly equal in size with one asymmetrically smaller, giving the room a slightly off center feel.

I understand that tensioning the barrier mat is a controllable variable. I'd very much like any wisdom you may care to impart realizing this is too little information to ask a meaningful question. :-D

Oh, the intended use is a live room able to accommodate a drumset well but perhaps not so great for a cello, with luck it'll handle an acoustic guitar trio very well all the while also providing a critical listening area. I'm mostly concerned with getting the initial time delay in a good place (>20ms?), 1st reflections and modes. I have what I think is a good plan for the reflections, it's the blasted low end that has me vexed.
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Postby DanDan » Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:06 pm

Alluring eh? Well Aunty might have something to say about that......
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