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Support for ipad 1 for SOS IOS application.. how long?

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Support for ipad 1 for SOS IOS application.. how long?

Postby CS70 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:26 am

Hi! The only ipad I have is a first generation one, and the only thing that keeps it for being a nice looking doorstop is the SOS application (and the ibooks/kindle ones). I don't intend to buy a more recent one, and of course that means that most applications no longer update or function, which is just fine by me.

I'm soon to renew the SOS subscription and I'm a little worried that soon it may decide to depend on a version of IOS which can't be installed on the 1st generation ipad (no idea which one is now, it's just the latest that could possibly be updated). If that happened, I would be unable to read the magazine so it'd make no sense to keep the subscription (and no, the paper magazine is not an option as I've cut down on paper long time ago and my reading happens in lots of different places).

Are you going keep supporting the ipad 1 for the foreseeable future?


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