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Headphone amp for AKG K701's

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Headphone amp for AKG K701's

Postby coojuice » Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:06 pm

I decided to treat myself over the holidays to a new pair of AKG K701's which I'm burning in just now...

First impressions, they sound great from day dot and the look very pretty cool!

I have them connected to one of the headphone outputs on my Fast Track Ultra just now and although I like the sound of them, I have the gain turned fully up to get a decent level. I know there are countless debates about whether you need a dedicated amp or not but I'm not sure if I should go down this route or not? Can anyone confirm that they use these cans a lot without an amp? It may well be that they still need a lot more burning in time so thought I'd check and see what everyone else has first.

If I were to get an amp I wouldn't be spending much so would be looking at something at the budget end but also something of "ok" quality. I remember reading a while back that PW recommended a cheap amp for headphones but can find the forum post.

If anyone could give me some info to look into or just your opinion that would be great.

I will be using the cans mainly for listening but may use to help with mixing too.



p.s. All the best for 2011 folks!
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Re: Headphone amp for AKG K701's

Postby circle5 » Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:31 am

I have a pair k701's for a while now and they are fantastic.

I ran them through the headphone out on my soundcards {ESI ESP1010 and motu828m3)for ages. but now I leave them plugged into my SM Pro MPatch 2.1 {volume switch/controller) and they work fine through all. plenty of loudness, if thats what you want. I also have an ART 406 headphone amp and they are plenty loud through that as well.

If your after more quality then perhaps a more hi-end headphone amp is the way to go.

One other thing, be gentle with them, both the plastic bits that hold the metal headbands together have broken.


Happy new year.
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