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A set of requests/demands that an artist or band (or their management) ask of the hosting venue as criteria for performing. A Technical Rider would typically specify the size and layout of staging, required equipment for lighting (truss weight limits, power requirements, numer of follow-spots, lighting plots or designs, etc) and sound (input channel counts, PA power, number of monitors, effects, DI boxes, backline amps and instruments, quality of equipment etc) and possibly also the operating and rigging staff provided. A Hospitality Rider is a list of requests to ensure the comfort of the artist(s), such as the number of dressing rooms, private bathroom/shower, food and beverage requirements, a number of complimentary (comp) tickets for guests, security arrangements, and so on. There may also be additional riders covering other aspects such as a Merchandise Rider detailing the space and stands provided for selling merchandise, the rates, exclusivity rights, and so forth.