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How do I backup my iPad App magazine issues?

The SOS App is actually a viewer which allows you to 'look' at the magazine issues you purchase via the Apple AppStore. The viewer is produced by a third-party company, and the issues are hosted on their content delivery network.

Each magazine publisher must create their own viewer and associate it with their own magazines. You can't use any publisher's viewer to look at our magazines. 

So, when you download the SOS App from the AppStore (within iTunes), you are only downloading our custom version of the App which is linked to our own digital editions of the magazine. 

When you purchase a single issue or subscribe to SOS via the App, you are actually interacting with the third-party fulfilment server. iTunes is merely the store-front, all the real work happens in the background.

SOS App iPad 3-line Menu Options panelTap on MANAGE ISSUES and you will be able to Archive selected back issues. This removes them from your iPad, but you can re-download them from the fulfilment server at any time in the future.Each digital edition we have published is shown on the main library screen, within the Sound On Sound app.


  • Tap the 3-line 'hamburger' icon in the grey strip at the top-left of the iPad screen, and it reveals a lefthand grey panel.
  • Next, tap the MANAGE ISSUES option and you can tap to choose each issue you wish to archive. By archiving the issue you free up some storage space on your tablet.

All of the magazine issues and information about your entitlement to view them is stored on the fulfilment server. So, if you prefer, you can keep just a few issues on your iPad safe in the knowledge that you can go, at any time, and re-download back issues you have already purchased.

Note 1: Unlike music purchases on your iPad, the SOS App magazine issues are not copied to your desktop machine when you sync the device via iTunes. Nothing is stored locally on your computer other than the SOS viewer app.

Note 2: A digital edition is a complete entity and does not allow you to save specific pages outside of the App (you can, however, use the app's own Bookmarks function).

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