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I log in, but keep getting logged out straight away. What's going on?

This is a browser-dependent caching issue, which simply means that your computer's web browsing folder has reached its limit of temporary internet files and cookies and can't cope with any more. (We use cookies to allow you to remain logged in, and to allow you to add products to your shopping basket. Without cookies, you wouldn't be able to do these things.)

In order to get things working again, simply clear out your internet history, temporary internet files, cached files, and cookies and close down your browser.
You should find that when you reopen your browser everything is back to normal!

Further Suggestions.
Unfortunately we can't provide detailed instructions for every browsers. However, you can usually find a setting to clear your cached files and cookies under the "File" menu, in a tab usually named something like "Tools", "Preferences" or "Settings". If you're unsure, most browsers have a comprehensive "Help" menu to assist you.