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Ad Blockers Explained

Your Co-operation Is Appreciated

Dear SOS Site User,

The SOS web site you are browsing contains over 11,000 free articles about music and recording technology.

SOS prides itself in publishing the highest quality editorial offering unbiased in-depth articles written by the best authors in the industry. All of this comes at a cost and is only free thanks to the support of our web advertisers. So we’d like to ask for your help by not using an Ad Blocker when browsing

Whether you click on an advert or not, all the web adverts that display contribute to paying for the site to exist. And clicking through to the advertiser’s own web site helps even more.

Adverts are informative
Many people learn a lot from adverts as they often contain useful information and they keep you up to date with what’s on the market.

The SOS site is one of the leading sites in the world used by music technology manufacturers to tell you about their latest gear and software. We are a responsible business so we only run relevant adverts booked directly with us from sources we trust in our industry. In addition, we do run selected adverts from Google at the bottom of the page which are from related categories eg. computers, technology and professional services. No pet food, cosmetics or supermarket ads! So we’d really appreciate it if you could please support us and switch off your Ad Blocker when browsing our site.

White List the domain
Many Ad Blockers let you customise which sites you block and which ones you 'white list' and allow the adverts to be displayed. We appreciate you don’t want to see adverts on all of the sites you visit but do consider white-listing our domain:

For further information on how to do this, please see the example outlined on the AdBlock web site below.

Thank you from all at Sound On Sound.