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How To Access SOS Full Issue PDFs (and buy if required)

Full Issue PDFs are included FREE with every Digital subscription but only when bought directly from (they are in your MY ACCOUNT screen). Apple Store customers are not entitled to receive these, as iOS Subscription customer data is not in our database, so we do not know who you are!

Where are my PDF downloads?

Your Full Issue PDFs (or single article PDFs) are always available to download as many times as you require (as long as you keep an active SOS user account).

  • They are collected in your MY ACCOUNT when you are logged in to the SOS site.
  • Click My Account, then the Downloads tab and click the Back issues and/or Articles grey buttons.
  • As you purchase more PDFs, your library will grow but will always be located here.

My Account > Downloads Full Issue PDF libraryMy Account > Downloads > Back Issues shows your Full Issue PDF library.

Single Article PDFs

As you browse our site you can view the web articles we publish. If you wish to have a PDF 'hard copy' download of an individual article (laid out as printed in our paper magazine), click the BUY PDF VERSION red button at the very end of that article to take you to our web storeshop.

  • After purchase, your PDF file is added to your MY ACCOUNT > Downloads > Articles library.

MY ACCOUNT > Downloads > ArticlesHere you can see 3 purchased Single Artcile PDFs saved under the ARTICLES tab.

Full Issue PDF vs Single Article PDF

What's the difference?

  • The Full Issue PDF is a complete replica of the UKUS print magazine layouts, with the same number of pages, and includes all articles and adverts published in that edition.
  • Single Article PDFs are not available for every article, only for longer articles, and do not include adverts.

Please Note

  • Single Article PDFs are not provided free of charge as part of any Subscription and should be purchased separately, if required. 

How To Buy Full Issue PDFs

Access or Buy Full Issue PDFs

1. Click MAGAZINE on the main top menu. This always shows the latest issue's list of articles.

2. If you need a Past Issue, then change the Month/Year from the selector and click the red SELECT ISSUE button (shown circled in green above). That issue's contents are then listed on your screen.

3. Click the red BUY PDF ISSUE button (shown in green highlight), which takes you to the SOS storeshop screen shown below.

SOS SHOP January 2023 issue

4. Click the red ADD TO CART button to put that item into your cartbasket. Return to Step 1 if you wish to buy more PDF Issues; if not, step to the Checkout page to pay.

5. Alternatively, Full Issue PDFs can be bought from within our web storeshop's Print / PDF Magazines department. If a Full Issue PDF exists for that current/past edition, you will have the option to choose the product type (PDF or Print, see below) and the price will auto-update to reflect your choice. Note: shipping/postage will be added to Print magazines but not to downloadable PDFs. Continue through Checkout to pay.

Screenshot of SOS SHOP 2022 Magazines

Last revised 06 January 2021. E&OE