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SOS DIGITAL Subscription vs Single PDFs vs Full Issue PDFs

March 2021 Digital SubMarch 2021 Digital Sub

Reasons why an annual DIGITAL subscription bought from SOS direct is your smart choice.

Features, Prices & Benefits

The following are included every month with your DIGITAL subscription if bought directly from SOS site (not via a third-party store):

  • Tablet edition (works on iOS/Android tablets)
  • Web issue articles (plus unlocks all Web articles)
  • Full Issue PDF (works on all smartphones/tablets/desktop)
  • Replica Digital Magazine (works only in browsers)
Version Quantity Offline reading? Wi-fi Required? Embedded Audio? Embedded Video? Clickable Links Print?
Tablet Issue 12x 50 monthly articles (avg), inc. adverts.
Different layouts to magazine.
Yes Yes, on downloads Yes Yes Yes No
Web Issue 12x 50 monthly articles, no adverts (avg).
Website layouts.
No At all times Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Issue PDF 12x 50 monthly articles (avg).
Magazine layouts inc. adverts.
Yes Yes, on downloads Links to it Links to it Yes Yes
Replica Magazine 12x 50 monthly articles (avg).
Magazine layouts inc. adverts.
No At all times Links to it Links to it Yes No


See what you'll spend in comparison to our great value DIGITAL sub

Single Article PDF
(no adverts)
12x 50 monthly Single Article PDFs
per year (600 approx)
£0.83$1.49 each £498$894
Full Issue PDF
(inc. print adverts)
12 per year £3.99$5.99 each £47.88$71.88
SOS DIGITAL Subscription 1 great value Sub per year   £30$47.50 total*

* Price varies depending on your region and local VAT/tax rates.

For comparison, the newsstand cover price of the monthly Print magazine is £5.99$9.99 GBPUSD

SAVE BIG ££$$$ You know it makes sense...