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January 1994 Magazine Contents


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    AKG C3000 V1 condenser mic

    AKG C3000

    Large-diaphragm Capacitor Microphone

    Paul White checks out AKG's elegant newcomer and finds that it combines styling with an ability to deliver the goods.

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    Studio Electronics SE1 monosynth (photo courtesy of Matrixsynth website).

    Studio Electronics SE1

    Analogue MIDI Monosynth

    In an age of ever‑growing polyphony, Studio Electronics, best known for their vintage synth rebuilds, have returned to first principles — to create the first analogue monosynth for almost a decade. So how does this MIDI‑equipped modern classic measure up to its vintage forbears?



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    Boss SE-50 on Vocoder patch

    Power Vocoding

    Using The Boss SE-50 & SE-70's Vocoder Patches

    There's more to vocoders than 'Mister Blue Sky' — and with the vocoders available on some current multi-effects processors, creative vocoding is now available to almost anyone.

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