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ADAM Audio announce new subwoofer & collaboration

Are ADAM monitors about to get built-in room-calibration software?

ADAM Audio's T10 subwoofer.ADAM Audio's T10 subwoofer.
ADAM Audio launched the T10S at NAMM, an active 10-inch subwoofer designed to be used with their T-series monitors, specifically the T5V and T7V. Incorporating a 130W power amp and offering a frequency response extending from 30-120Hz, the T10 is scheduled to ship during Spring and will retail for $399£389. SOS Features Editor Sam Inglis was on the ADAM stand at NAMM to find out more. See his video interview below!

ADAM also publicly announced a collaboration with Latvian company Sonarworks, which is apparently scheduled to result in “new monitoring solutions” later in 2019. Given Sonarworks’ background in DSP-based listening environment calibration and monitor response correction, it’s clear that ADAM are going the same route embraced in recent years (and in varying ways) by Genelec, JBL, KRK, IK Multimedia and others. From separate discussions we had at NAMM with Sonarworks, it seems likely that this will involve integrating the Latvian company’s systems into the new ADAM monitors in some way, rather than simply bundling monitors with existing stand-alone software and a measurement mic (see video below).

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