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Admira - three new classical guitars

Acoustic gold - the Oro series.

If classical guitar is your thing, then well worth checking out this month will be the latest additions to the Admira range — the Oro (Gold) series.

The new Admiras come in three models: Oro Rojo (Gold Red), Oro Blanco (Gold White) and Oro Negro (Gold Black). All three come with solid German spruce tops, and the backs and sides are different for each model. The Oro Rojo's back and sides are made of solid redwood, the Oro Blanco's are of solid German maple and the Oro Negro uses superior solid Indian rosewood. The Honduras cedar necks are reinforced and have ebony fingerboards. All models are equipped with Rubner machine heads and wood-inlayed rosettes, and come with hard cases. As with all fully solid-wood guitars, you can be assured that the Serie Oro models will mature over time, offering an even richer tone, say UK distributors, Barnes & Mullins. The Oro Rojo will sell for £879, while the 2172 Oro Blanco and the 2173 Oro Negro both tip the scales at £969.

Alongside the new Serie Oro, Admira are also introducing the Eclipse and Malaga Thin Body Electro Cutaway models. The first thin-body guitars in this range, the Eclipse and Malaga guitars both feature solid tops; cedar for the Malaga model and black coloured spruce for the Eclipse, with sapelli back and sides. Both models feature African mahogany necks, with a mongoy fingerboard and mongoy bridge, and come with an integrated Shadow P3B preamp. The narrow, thin bodies of these guitars are especially ideal for the young or petite player who may struggle to play the larger, fuller-body classical guitar, yet with the use of the preamp, high sound level is not lost, B&M say.

The prices seem pretty reasonable considering the specs, too. The 1908 Malaga Thin Body Electro Cutaway sells for £339 and the 2170 Eclipse Thin Body Electro Cutaway retails at £339.

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