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Free guitar tuition from Apple!

Apple are holding seminars in the UK in late October and November to emphasise what the Mac platform has to offer the guitar-based musician.


New valve outboard from TL Audio

TL Audio have resurrected the Fat Man name, launching two new affordable valve processors at the AES show in New York.


Sibelius 4 UK demo tour

Sibelius Software will be visiting universities and conservatoires in the UK from October to December to show off Sibelius 4, the latest version of their popular music notation software.


Propellerhead discontinue Rebirth

Propellerhead have ceased support and development of Rebirth, but the software is now free to download and they've produced a Reason Refill version, also free.


Sony Oxford design limiter plug-in

Oxford Limiter for Pro Tools TDM and LE systems is a flexible, high-quality limiter plug-in capable of transparent limiting, maximising loudness for mastering or extreme limiting effects.


Line 6 launch USB audio interfaces

Digital-modelling specialists Line 6 have produced a pair of USB interfaces, the Toneport UX1 and UX2, designed for desktop recording and packaged with brand-new guitar amp- and mic preamp-modelling software.


Digidesign buy Wizoo

Digidesign have announced the acquistion of virtual instrument, plug-in effect and sample library designers Wizoo Sound Design GmbH.


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