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Antares introduce Vocal De-Esser 

Simple de-esser features AI Assist function

Antares Vocal De-Esser AI-powered sibilance control plug-in

Vocal De-Esser is the latest addition to Antares’ ever-expanding range of vocal processing plug-ins, and promises to quickly and effectively tackle sibilance thanks to a machine learning-based process that has been specifically trained on the human voice. 

The plug-in presents users with a simple and intuitive interface with just three main controls. A pair of Sibilant Control dials provide up to 24dB of reduction on soft (S, Sh, Z) and hard (T, Ch, K) vocal sibilants, and are joined by a link button that allows them to be adjusted simultaneously or independently. A large display window provides a waveform view of the incoming signal, with colour-coded highlights informing users of how much of the signal is being affected by the Sibilant Control settings. A horizontal line displays and offers adjustment of the plug-in’s overall threshold, and the display is joined by a gain-reduction meter.

Vocal De-Esser is also equipped with an AI-powered Assist button, which performs an analysis of the incoming signal and generates a set of recommended parameter values. A headphone icon placed between the two Sibilant Control dials then makes it possible to audition just the sibilant sounds and hear exactly what’s being removed by the plug-in. The company have also taken care to ensure that the process introduces as little latency as possible, and say that Vocal De-Esser can be used during tracking or live performances. 


Vocal De-Esser is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or later, and Macs running macOS 11 and above. VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

Vocal De-Esser is available now priced at $99 for a perpetual license, and is included in Antares’ Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription, which costs $24.99 per month or $174.99 per year. Those who purchase a perpetual license will also receive a free month of Auto-Tune Unlimited.

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