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API celebrate 50 years with a bigger Box

Expanded Box console and limited-edition modules announced

API's new, expanded modular Box console.API's new, expanded modular Box console.

Premium-quality modular console manufacturers API celebrated their 50th year in business at NAMM by announcing three new products: two limited-edition modules harking back to the company’s earliest days (in a special commemorative gold finish), and a much-expanded version (shown above) of their compact, all-analogue Box console (reviewed in SOS January 2014). Where the latter originally sported four input channels and offered two expandable 500-series slots for users to add their own alternative EQ, dynamics, or preamp modules, the new Box has eight inputs and eight 500-series slots, but otherwise offers all the features of the original. The expanded Box is shipping now; prices start at $16,795 in the US for the basic system.

The limited-edition anniversary modules (see below) are faithfully hand-assembled, hand-wired recreations of the original 550A three-band EQ and the 312 mic preamp, as designed by API founder Saul Walker in the 1970s. However, only 50 550As and 150 312s are being made, so it’s probably worth contacting API with some dispatch if you’re interested. The 312 mic preamp retails for $1500, the 550A for $2000. For UK pricing, contact British distributors Source in London via their website.

The two new limited-edition 50th anniversary modules from API.The two new limited-edition 50th anniversary modules from API.

SOS's Sam Inglis visited API on their stand at NAMM, and the company's Director of Engineering Todd Humora gave him more details about their plans for celebrating the company's 50th anniversary, as you can see in the video below. We love that commemorative lunchbox idea, by the way, guys. One day all packed lunches (in the SOS office, anyway) will be eaten from one of those.

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