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Back to the 70s with Drawmer

New all-analogue processors previewed at Musikmesse

Drawmer's new analogue 1974 EQ (above) and 1976 saturation and stereo width processor (below).Drawmer's new analogue 1974 EQ (above) and 1976 saturation and stereo width processor (below).

Drawmer have previewed two new 1U analogue studio processors at Musikmesse. We don't expect to see either until Summer, but they look interesting nonetheless.

The 1974 is a fully featured, true stereo four-band EQ, with ±12dB of cut or boost at low, low-mid, high-mid, and high frequencies. The mid bands are fully parametric with adjustable bandwidth and the low and high filters have variable slopes switchable between 6-, 9- and 12dB-per-octave on the low end (with an additional low peak boost on the 12dB-per-octave setting) and 6- and 12dB-per octave on the high end. There are also additional variable low-cut and high-cut filters for removing rumble and hiss, and independent control over input gain.

Drawing inspiration from two of the sound-tailoring tools in Drawmer's now-discontinued DC2476 mastering processor, the 1976 is a combined three-band stereo width enhancer and analogue saturation processor, with adjustable frequency controls to set the high and low crossover points and thereby define the three bands. Within each of these, there are individual saturation, stereo width, level, mute and bypass controls; the unit also offers control of overall input gain and output level, as well as a mono button so that users can check that the stereo width enhancement hasn't compromised mono compatibility.

Prices for the 1974 and 1976 are yet to be announced, but Drawmer have said they will be broadly similar to that of the 1978 compressor, which retails for around £900$1000 in the UKUS.

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