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Boss's mother load (box)

New take on reactive load box

Boss have announced the Waza Tube Amp Expander, a reactive load box with plenty of nicely thought-out hands‑on control, built-in cab simulation and connectivity options that at first glance look similar to those of UA’s OX, reviewed in SOS September 2018. However, closer examination shows that Boss have added several handy features that play to their strengths as an amp and guitar tech manufacturer, such as footswitch control, an active 100W Class‑A/B power stage and built-in effects and processing — and the USB connection on the rear panel isn’t just for upgrades, but gives access to a full audio interface, and allows detailed setup editing via a bundled software editor. Moreover, although the spec is still subject to change, it seems users will have the ability to apply their own IRs to the output. The Tube Amp Expander stores up to 10 rig settings including custom effects, EQ and cab/IR selections, and is compatible with any valve-based guitar amp up to 150W. It’s expected to ship in spring 2019, but pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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