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Buzz Audio debut versatile new dual-channel EQ

Zodiak features Tilt EQ, low- and high-cut and parametric mid-range filters

Buzz Audio's new EQ, the Zodiak.Buzz Audio's new EQ, the Zodiak.

The Zodiak is a two-channel EQ featuring a ‘Tilt’ EQ circuit on each channel (as featured on 1980s Quad hi-fi amps), allowing you to simultaneously cut bass and boost treble or vice versa. Each channel also features sweepable 12dB-per-octave low- and high-cut filters and a stepped mid-range EQ with adjustable bandwidth and ±10dB of cut/boost.

The Zodiak is available in three forms, each with either a silver or black front panel. The most affordable Zodiak-ICT (£1524$1575) features Texas Instruments integrated-circuit op-amps, the Zodiak-ICX (£1698$1735) is the same but adds a Lundahl output transformer for more low-end warmth and smoother high-end, and the top-of-the-range Zodiak-DCX (£1932$1995) features discrete Buzz Audio op-amps and the Lundahl output transformer.

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