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A celebration of stompboxes: Pedal Crush published

Author of Push Turn Move and Patch & Tweak unveils new book focused on guitar pedals

Pedal Crush is published in a similar format to Push Turn Move and Patch & Tweak.Pedal Crush is published in a similar format to Push Turn Move and Patch & Tweak.

Kim Bjørn is the creative force behind the superb colour art books on electronic musical instrument design and interfaces, and modular synths: Push Turn Move and Patch & Tweak (reviewed in SOS October 2018 and April 2019 respectively). Now he's back with another beautifully designed book in the same format, Pedal Crush, which he calls "a celebration of stompboxes". Co-authored with fellow pedal obsessive Scott Harper, the book runs to 376 stylish colour pages which together cover over 800 different hardware examples, as well as featuring interviews with 50 designers and including 200 pedal-related tips and tricks. In short, Pedal Crush looks set to enthral anyone — be they guitarist, producer, DJ, vocalist or general audio experimentalist — who has ever thought "now what happens if I put this signal through THIS pedal?". The book comes with a preface by creative guitarist Steve Vai, costs $66 and can be ordered from the link at the end of this text.

If you're anywhere near the Danish capital today (Friday November 29th), you might like to know that Pedal Crush is being officially launched at 4pm at the effektpedaler store in Copenhagen (see and https:// for details). The event is free and all pedal enthusiasts are welcome.

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