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Cranborne go to Camden with EC2 preamp/processor

Combined 1U rack channel preamp, signal processor & dual headphone amplifier launched at NAMM

Cranborne Audio's Camden EC2Cranborne Audio's Camden EC2

UK-based processing company Cranborne Audio announced a combined 1U rackmount channel preamp, signal processor and dual headphone mixer at NAMM, the Camden EC2. Based on the company's existing Camden 500 (reviewed in SOS in October last year), the EC2 contains two of the preamps and the 'Mojo' analogue saturation circuit from the earlier product, allowing it to sound like a traditional British transformer-based preamp or like a valve-based preamp depending on the setting of the Mojo circuit. Alternatively, for a clean, natural sound, the latter can be bypassed altogether. The twin headphone amps feature discrete line mixers and independent channel and Aux Input level controls, allowing all-analogue, zero-latency Camden-preamped monitoring from an external source.

Breakout boxes for CAST audio (ie. balanced analogue sent down CAT5 cable): the N22 and N22H from Cranborne Audio.Breakout boxes for CAST audio (ie. balanced analogue sent down CAT5 cable): the N22 and N22H from Cranborne Audio.

Cranborne also announced two breakout boxes for their new CAST audio distribution protocol, which conveys balanced analogue audio down CAT5 cable between CAST-compatible products, such as (not coincidentally)... the new Camden EC2! Sending analogue audio down CAT5 in this way reduces cable clutter and improves signal transmission over a distance, such as on stage or between a studio's live and control rooms. The N22 connects four channels of CAST audio (Cat5 Analogue Snake Transport, in case you were wondering) to traditional cabling, while the N22H interfaces CAST-borne audio with headphones, and incorporates a dedicated headphone amp. All three of Cranborne's new products are due to ship before the end of Spring. Pricing is not yet confirmed at the time of writing.

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