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Custom controllers from Expressive E

Personalise your Touché with custom finishes

Expressive E's Touché SE, now with custom finishes.Expressive E's Touché SE, now with custom finishes.

Expressive E, the French makers of the innovative Touché and Touché SE, are now offering customisations for their controllers. Out of the box, the playing surface or ‘touchplate’ on the USB-only Touché SE (€229) is polycarbonate, and tinted mahogany on the original Touché (€399). Now you can set your controller apart with redwood, maple and uncoloured mahogany flavours, at €29.99 apiece.

If the playing feel of the Touché isn’t to your liking, you can replace the integral silicon cylinders responsible for pressure resistance to offer either heavier or lighter pressure feedback. A pack with all three cylinder types costs €14.99, and is available now.

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