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Erica Synths bring more modular

Latvian modular mavens release a brace of new Eurorack and Pico-format products

The new modules from Latvia's Erica Synths.The new modules from Latvia's Erica Synths.

The summer can be a quiet time for product launches, but Latvian synthsmiths Erica have been busy working on several new modules and updates, some of which the SOS team first saw at the Berlin Superbooth in May (see the video we shot there with Erica’s Girt). Most of the new modules are in Erica’s shallow-depth, compact Pico format of just 3HP per module. There’s an analogue Pico LFO/Sample & Hold unit (€96.80), a three-input DC-coupled Pico mixer module for mixing CV and audio signals (€60.5), an all-analogue combined four-step sequencer and waveshaper with adjustable sequence length (€90.75), a Pico analogue 4092-stage bucket-brigade delay (BBD) processor with up to 300ms of modulatable delay time (€139.15), and the Pico Noise, a combined white noise source, resonant VCF and a VCA for percussive sound-shaping (€133.10).

In addition, Erica have announced a free firmware upgrade to their larger-format Graphic VCO module, which adds a drum mode with amplitude and pitch envelopes for shaping wavetables into percussive forms. User-generated wavetables can now also be added from a connected computer via USB. Finally, for those that need to add a front-panel power input for racked modules whose top-panel power input is going to be obscured, there is now a compact 4HP power supply module with a front-facing input and on/off switch, for €18.15. All prices include Latvian VAT added at 21 percent for sales within the EU.

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