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The Focusrite Group buys ADAM Audio

Berlin-based loudspeaker manufacturer joins Novation and Ampify as a Focusrite Group company

Focusrite Group CEO Tim Carroll (left) with ADAM Audio CEO Christian Hellinger (right).Focusrite Group CEO Tim Carroll (left) with ADAM Audio CEO Christian Hellinger (right).

The Focusrite Group, the corporate entity which owns the original Focusrite and Focusrite Pro brands, along with Novation and Ampify Music, has announced the purchase of Berlin-based speaker manufacturer ADAM Audio. As is usual in this kind of takeover, there will be no immediate change to ADAM's operational arrangements, so the existing management at ADAM remains in place and international contact numbers for ADAM distributors and customer service will be unaffected for the time being. Focusrite Group CEO Tim Carroll has unequivocally said that the "initial focus is squarely on ensuring ADAM Audio has all the necessary freedom and autonomy to continue their lifetime story of technological innovations." However (as is also often the case with this kind of takeover...), the Focusrite Group CEO has also sketched out the opportunities he sees for future collaboration between the companies now in the Group: "With so much expertise between us in acoustics, sound reproduction, DSP, and control, the opportunities are abundant to refine recording and production workflows together."

Certainly, there's a lot of potential for Focusrite's expertise in interfacing and processing technology to be combined with ADAM's advanced engineering know-how in the world of pro monitoring, which is presumably what attracted Focusrite in the first place — but it is usually many months after company acquisitions or mergers before any such potential can be realised. More news as and when we have it. In the meantime, ADAM's product launches for the year are continuing unaffected by the news of the acquisition: the T10S subwoofer announced at NAMM in January has just started shipping as of mid-July. A 130W active 10-inch subwoofer designed for use with the T-series monitors, with a bass frequency response from 28 to 120Hz, the new sub retails for £389$399.

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