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Harrison Audio breaks new ground with 500-series modules

Offering legendary console technology

Harrison Audio's 500-series Modules launched at the NAMM 2024 show.

Harrison Audio has stepped into the 500-series format, bringing their legendary console technology to a broader audience. Known for their exceptional audio quality and unique circuit designs for over 50 years, Harrison Audio is now shipping three new 500-series modules, which will hit authorised retailers by the end of January.

The new modules — the 32Cpre+ microphone preamplifier, the MR3eq 3-band parametric equalizer, and the Comp compressor — incorporate key elements from Harrison's high-performance studio consoles from the '70s, '80s, and '90s. These consoles have been instrumental in creating some of the most iconic music by artists like Michael Jackson, ABBA, Led Zeppelin, and Queen, to name but a few.

The 32Cpre+ combines the high-performance, transformer-coupled microphone preamp from Harrison's new 32Classic studio console with the acclaimed Harrison LP/HP filters. The 32Cpre+ captures the warm and rich tone that Harrison is famous for, delivering a full low-end, open mid-range, and super-smooth, natural highs. It features a range of +20 to +70 dB of smooth gain and can drive a wide range of mic types.

Next up, the MR3eq, an analogue EQ, is a product of Harrison's extensive experience in equaliser and filter design. Developed for the Harrison MR3 studio console, the MR3eq is a versatile tool that enhances a wide array of source materials, proving equally effective in both tracking and mixdown scenarios.

Finally, the Comp 500-series module is based on a classic ‘feed-forward’ design and uses a THAT 2180 VCA chip for outstanding analogue performance. The Comp module is a versatile tool, functioning as a transparent leveler, a highly saturated vibe compressor, or anything in between, adding character and excitement to a wide range of sources.

Pricing & Availability

The 32Cpre+ is retailing at $699£599, the MR3eq at $399£319, and the Comp at $399£319.

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