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IK Multimedia take the Axe to NAMM — and much more

New monitors, mounts, and guitarist-friendly tech make debut

IK Multimedia's launches at NAMM 2019.IK Multimedia's launches at NAMM 2019.

IK Multimedia had a busy NAMM, unveiling guitarist-friendly products in the form of the Axe I/O audio interface, and the iRig Micro Amp (shown above right), a battery-powered, iOS-controllable 15W compact amplifier designed to interface with smartphone-based versions of IK's amp-modelling software AmpliTube.

The IK AXE I/O interface.The IK AXE I/O interface.

As its name suggests, the dual-input, five-output Axe I/O (shown larger above) is primarily designed with guitar players in mind, offering new IK features such as adjustable input impedance, re-amplification functions and a variety of instrument input circuits including a 'clean' discrete Class A stage and a JFET-based option for more harmonically rich input. To these options can be added over 150 built-in guitar effects derived from AmpliTube. The settings on the Axe I/O can be freely adjusted from the hardware's control panel or from a software instrument control panel on your desktop. The iRig Micro Amp features what IK describe as 'high-quality' converters and Class A mic preamps for a wide dynamic range and frequency response, and operation at sample rates of up to 192kHz. Below is IK's video introducing the AXE I/O.

...and below is the video about the AXE I/O shot by the SOS team on the IK booth at NAMM, with Editor-in-Chief Paul White, and Derek of IK Multimedia US.

The new iLoud MTM monitors.The new iLoud MTM monitors.

IK also released new reference monitors in the iLoud range (see above), following the success of the original compact iLoud Micros (reviewed very positively in SOS November 2016 and much beloved of the SOS video production team). Below is IK's video about the new monitors.

Aimed, like the original iLouds, at the mobile producer/musician, the new 100W iLoud MTMs are larger (264x160x130mm) and employ a mid-range-tweeter-mid-range design, but have the same aim of providing non-fatiguing, flat-frequency-response reference monitoring with wide dispersion, so that users can create mixes that translate consistently across different playback systems. Resting on tiltable isolation bases, and capable of room calibration with a supplied microphone to give the best results irrespective of listening environment, the iLoud MTMs can apparently generate sound pressure levels of up to 103dB. SOS were on the IK booth at NAMM to get the full rundown on the new iLouds, or, as Editor-in-Chief Paul White puts it in the video below, the i-even-Louders...!

One of the larger models in the iKlip3 range, holding an iPad.One of the larger models in the iKlip3 range, holding an iPad.

Last but not least, NAMM attendees were also checking out IK's next-generation iKlip mounting hardware for smartphones and tablets (see above for an example) , which allows iPads and iPhones to be mounted on mic stands and held securely so musicians can play them live (or read music or lyrics from them) while performing. The video from IK shows how the range works.

Available in three models (with the most expensive still costing under $70£75), the new iKlip3 systems can accommodate and secure tablets with screen sizes from 7" to 12.1", and mount them on poles of up to 1.2 inches in diameter so they can be freely angled and rotated, without fouling buttons or connectors.

On its release in March, the iRig Micro Amp will retail for $149.99£159.99. The AXE I/O is out now priced at $349.99£369.99, and the iLoud MTMs will be available later in Spring, priced at $699.98£739.98 per pair.

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