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Introducing Krotos Concept

£99 Scottish soft synth promises immediacy and fun with depth

Krotos Audio's first soft-synth, Concept.Krotos Audio's first soft-synth, Concept.

The first soft-synth from Scottish plug-in company Krotos is worth checking out. Concept (above) is designed to make sound-shaping easy, with four colour-coded modulators — signals from user-definable LFOs, an external audio input, the mod wheel and a vector-synthesis-like on‑screen X/Y pad — that can be applied to its dual oscillators’ basic waveforms via a drag-and-drop interface to create new sounds fast. There’s also a randomising ‘Tweak It’ function that can be assigned to parameters to produce variations on your existing patches, and a decent effects section with a convolving reverb. At £99, Concept looks fun and immediate, but it clearly goes deep.

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