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Japanese sound designers feel the width with MS EQ Comp

Boutique plug-in company releases combined Mid-Side encoder/EQ/compressor

The Internet Company's Mid-Side encoder/decoder plug-in, MS EQ CompThe Internet Company's Mid-Side encoder/decoder plug-in, MS EQ Comp

Although theirs is most likely a new name to SOS readers, you've probably heard the work of Osaka-based sound and software designers The Internet Company before; over their 30-year history, the company's behind-the-scenes work has been incorporated into products by Roland, Yamaha and Sonnox, as well as various Vocaloid libraries. Now marketing their own Mac and PC software products, such as the Sound It! software audio editor and F-REX real-time demixing app, the company have just released MS EQ Comp, a VST stereo-to-MS encoder/decoder plug-in with built-in control of level, EQ, and dynamics. Suggested applications include selective mix processing and stereo width enhancement/adjustment. Costing a mere $29, it's available now.

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