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Jones-Scanlon: upscale monitors from down under

Premium handmade active studio monitors place emphasis on neutrality and accuracy

The new $6000 studio monitors from Jones-Scanlon.The new $6000 studio monitors from Jones-Scanlon.

Wayne Jones is an Australian bass player, writer and producer with a long-standing interest in engineering and improving audio gear. In recent years he has turned his hand to equipment design, producing guitar and bass amplifiers, bass cabs and PA speakers under the Wayne Jones Design brand. Now he’s teamed up with experienced Australian live‑sound engineer Steve Scanlon and branched out into premium studio monitoring for the first time.

The first products to bear their names are 650W Class-D-powered active two-way DSP-equipped monitors with — as befits their target market — what the designers claim is an emphasis on neutrality and accuracy at all volumes, plus “incredible phase and time alignment”. Satisfied users so far include Rolling Stones engineer Krish Sharma and producer Don Was.

Hand‑made in Australia, the Jones-Scanlon Studio Monitors definitely fall into the premium price bracket. Their standard international retail price is US $6000 per pair — and that doesn’t include the international shipping costs to your location. The speakers are available in red, black or white finishes as standard, although custom colours are also shown on the company’s website. Interested parties based in the continental US have the opportunity to demo the monitors at a few locations: full details can be found here.

NOTE: the pricing in this story has been updated. Due to an error with the company's website shop when it was set up, the Jones-Scanlon monitors were originally being priced at US $6000 per speaker — so when potential buyers updated the quantity of monitors in their on-line cart to 2, the price would instantly increase to US $12,000. The site has now been updated to show that US $6000 is the per-pair price, hence the change here.

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