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Kali Audio LP-8 joins the smaller LP-6

New addition to the (now not so) Lonesome Pine range

Following the impressive review of their debut nearfield monitor, the LP‑6, in SOS December 2018, Kali Audio have announced that the larger sibling, the LP‑8, will be shipping by the time you read this. As its name suggests, the Lone Pine 8 has an eight‑inch woofer compared to the LP‑6’s smaller bass unit, giving it what Kali Audio call “increased dynamic range, low-frequency extension and overall output”.

The LP‑8 was released in the US and Canada in December 2018should be available in Europe by the end of January, priced at 599.90 Euros per pair (yes, official pricing for Kali Audio sales in Europe is now in Euros)US$498 per pair.

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