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Kali Audio's new WS12 subwoofer is shipping

'Project Watts' sub is designed for studio and live use

Kali Audio's first subwoofer, the WS12.Kali Audio's first subwoofer, the WS12.

Kali Audio have debuted a subwoofer, the WS12. West Coast‑based Kali are the manufacturers of the two-way ‘Lone Pine’ LP6 and LP8 (see the SOS review of the LP6 from December 2018) and the concentric three-way ‘Independence’ IN8 announced in Autumm last year. The new WS12 is designed to act as a low‑frequency partner to the full‑range speakers, either in stereo or surround monitoring setups — Kali claim the sub can be used with up to five IN8s.

Capable of sub-bass reproduction down to 23Hz, the 1000W WS12 (which was codenamed ‘Project Watts’ during development) is envisaged not only as a studio sub, but also as a supplementary low-frequency speaker to enhance the bass response of a personal PA such as Yamaha’s Stagepas 1K, the Bose L1, Fender Passport or Mackie SRM-Flex in a live setting — hence the speaker’s rugged construction, side-mounted steel carrying handles and even its overall dimensions. According to Kali Audio’s Nate Baglyos, the final size of the sub was determined after measuring what a typical musician’s car could comfortably accommodate (apparently, they used a Toyota Corolla as the benchmark — make of that what you will!).

Users have control over the WS12’s built-in DSP via the rear-panel DIP switches, which allow adjustment of the speaker’s crossovers as well as signal polarity and input gain to help compensate for room position. The DIP switch settings for the various options are printed directly on the rear of the WS12 for reference, above the audio connectors (see below).

The rear panel of the WS12, with the user DIP switches and their handy printed reference settings.The rear panel of the WS12, with the user DIP switches and their handy printed reference settings.

The WS12 retails for $599 in the US and is shipping there now. UK retail price and availability have yet to be determined.

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