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Lauten launch large-diaphragm condenser

Introducing the 'robust' LS208

Lauten Audio’s new LS208 large-diaphragm condenser mic.Lauten Audio’s new LS208 large-diaphragm condenser mic.

Lauten Audio’s new LS208, shipping now, is a robust end‑address large-diaphragm phantom-powered cardioid capacitor mic for recording, live and broadcast applications, with the ability to accept maximum SPLs up to 135dB. According to Lauten, it’s ideal for capturing the full dynamics of wind and brass instruments, percussion and guitar amps, as well as vocals; 50/120 Hz low-cut and 8/10 kHz high-cut filter switches on the mic body allow users to tailor the mic’s sound as required.

The LS208 ships with a foam windshield, a pair of shockmounts (hard and elasticated types) and a tough carry case, and retails for £529$599.

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