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Lewitt launch new affordable condenser mics

Introducing the LCT 040 Match and the LCT 140 Air

Lewitt's new Match and Air compact condenser mics.Lewitt's new Match and Air compact condenser mics.

Lewitt have produced some great-sounding mics at keen prices before, but their new lightweight aluminium instrument condenser mics surpass their previous efforts in terms of affordability. The LCT 040 Match is a compact cardioid pencil mic designed to be used as part of a stereo pair — hence ‘Match’, although no doubt its ‘striking’ appearance plays a part in the name too — and it retails for just $99£90. If bought as a pair, the mics will cost you $189£175; both are then supplied with a two-compartment mic pouch, mic clips, and windscreens for outdoor use. Lewitt claim the Match is ideal for capturing stereo recordings of drum kits, acoustic guitars, strings and choirs, with its compact dimensions an advantage in confined spaces.

The LCT 140 AIR is a little larger, and only a little more expensive at $149£135. It features a low-cut filter, a pre-attentuation pad for use with high-SPL sound sources and a ‘Sound’ toggle switch which engages a linear response in one position (‘Flat’) and, in the other, what Lewitt call ‘Air’: a “nuanced, airy mode for open, more characterful recordings”. Lewitt also say the Air offers “exceptional off-axis rejection”. We look forward to putting both new mics to the test when they ship in April. In the meantime, see what the founder of Lewitt had to say to SOS Editor-in-Chief Paul White about the new mics at NAMM in the video below...

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