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Linear 7: HK Audio’s new active PA range

New speaker family offers Ethernet control and is 'Milan-ready'

HK Audio's active Linear 7 family of PA loudspeakers.HK Audio's active Linear 7 family of PA loudspeakers.

German PA speaker manufacturers HK Audio brought out the Linear 5 loudspeakers in 2016 and followed them with the smaller Linear 3 a year later. At Frankfurt in April they announced the Linear 7 range, the most advanced of the Linear speaker family. The Linear 7 range consists of four mid/ high speakers (L7 110 XA, L7 112 XA, L7 112 FA, L7 115 FA, in order of increasing size) and the L7 118 Sub A, all of which can be configured over Ethernet for optimum integration into a venue. The integrated DSP Out connector on all Linear 7 speakers even allows existing Linear 3 and 5 models to be connected into the system and controlled from the 7-series speakers. The L7 118 Sub A speakers can be set up to reduce the bass projected to the rear of the speaker by being put into cardioid mode, and the entire range is ‘Milan-ready’, meaning they will be able to operate with the forthcoming digital audio networking standard.

The L7 110 XA and L7 115 FA retail in the UK for £1199 and £1319 respectively, both the L7 112 XA and L7 112 FA cost £1219 each, and the L7 118 SA is £1749. For more details on UK availability, contact UK distributor John Hornby Skewes. Pricing in the USA had yet to be set at the time of writing — please contact US distributor Yorkville Sound for details.

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