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McDSP go green with APB-16

Renowned software company celebrates release of first ever hardware processor

McDSP's first hardware product, the APB-16b processor, is now shipping.McDSP's first hardware product, the APB-16b processor, is now shipping.

McDSP’s first ever piece of processing hardware, the APB-16 analogue plug-in processor, was first shown to SOS at Winter NAMM 2019 (see the video we shot then online at Priced at $6999, and only available in limited quantities and via select retailers worldwide, it is now shipping.

The unit is supplied with six plug-ins — all compressors, limiters, or modelled tube limiters. Two of them, the C673A compressor and the El Moo Tube Limiter emulation, operate entirely in the analogue domain within the APB-16. A full list of the plug-ins is available at the link below.

The APB-16 — packed with analogue goodies...The APB-16 — packed with analogue goodies...

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