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Modal go miniature

West Country synth manufacturer ships Skulpt and CraftSynth 2.0

When we think of British manufacturer Modal Electronics, we tend to think of large synths like the 008, 002 or 001 — but they've recently started shipping two new much smaller instruments. The buss- and battery-powerable Skulpt (below), announced last Summer, retails for £269 in the UK$299 in the USA, which isn’t bad for a four-voice polyphonic virtual analogue synth with eight detunable oscillators, FM, ring modulation and PWM, plus resonant filter, delay and distortion. But their newer synth is even smaller and more affordable.
Now shipping... Modal Electronics' Skulpt.Now shipping... Modal Electronics' Skulpt.

The CraftSynth 2.0 (in white, see below) is a improved version of the original wavetable-based CraftSynth, which also featured eight detunable oscillators, a morphable state-variable filter, and built-in distortion. But now there are 40 morphable waveforms to choose from, including virtual analogue pads and pure digital tones, plus a built-in arpeggiator. The tiny synth costs just £129$149, weighs less than 300g and is, like Skulpt, buss- or battery-powerable. And you can edit it via your phone — deeper access to the synth engine is provided by its Mac, PC, Android or iOS-based editor.

There's more to CraftSynth 2.0 than its tiny size would suggest...There's more to CraftSynth 2.0 than its tiny size would suggest...

For more on both new Modal synths, see the video we shot on the company’s stand at Superbooth back in May, below.

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