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MOTU's Perfect 10?

Digital Performer goes decimal

Mark Of The Unicorn's Digital Performer v10.Mark Of The Unicorn's Digital Performer v10.

MOTU’s much-loved DAW Digital Performer has reached version 10. Launched at NAMM, the upgrade adds many new features, including a fully scalable UI, virtual VCA Faders for advanced sub-grouping and maintenance of relative levels while mixing, a new sample-accurate waveform editor, and a audio and MIDI Clips window for easy live triggering and real-time performance/mixing. There are also improved beat-detection/timestretching/elastic audio functions from Zynaptiq, allowing you to drop rhythmic audio onto an existing track and have it instantly conform to the project tempo. Last but not least, there’s a 5GB soundbank containing 500 loops and the sounds of over 300 instruments, including acoustic and electronic drum kits, pianos, guitars and basses, church and electric organs, strings, brass, woodwinds, and synths together with ethnic instruments, choirs, voices, percussion, and sound effects.

Digital Performer 10 is scheduled for release by the Spring, on both Mac and PC platforms. The price for anyone buying the software from scratch is $499£399, but anyone moving over from a competing DAW gets a crossgrade price of $395£299, and anyone upgrading from the previous version pays just $195£179.

For more on what Digital Performer 10 has to offer, see the video below, which features MOTU's own Brendan Reza talking to SOS's Sam Inglis at NAMM about the features in the upgrade.

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