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Music Expo Is 5!

US-based music conference celebrates anniversary

Mastering Engineer Piper Payne delivering a seminar at the latest Music Expo. Photos: Ryan Palma

In association with SOS, Music Expo, the US-based conference for all music creatives, celebrated its fifth anniversary at SAE's Expression College in Emeryville, California, in November. Topics covered in the lively seminar and discussion sessions included scoring for film and TV, sound recording for music videos and documentaries, and a discussion on how to forge a career in music-making without losing focus on what you love — the last of these delivered by conference keynote speaker and DJ/producer Viceroy and singer, songwriter and producer Eman8.

Lauretta Molitor & Deanne Franklin on the conference's all-women discussion panel

Diversity and music-industry orientated activism were two of the big topics that kept coming up throughout the conference. Seminars included mastering engineer Piper Payne (interviewed in last month's SOS, and seen in the main picture at the top of this item) on encouraging diversity within the sometimes exclusive musical community, and an all-women panel of industry professionals, featuring (amongst others) location sound recordist Lauretta Molitor, live sound engineer Deanne Franklin and Dolby Labs QA Engineer Karen Stackpole, discussing topics ranging from cinema sound to live audio and event production. Some sessions, like hip-hop producer Decap's hands-on workshop on stepping outside your musical production comfort zone, delivered with venture capitalist Abby Juan, were held twice due to high demand from attendees (see below).

Producer Decap & Abby Juan at their popular workshop

You can hear Music Expo founder Loic Maestracci talking about the conference, and audio of one of the panels taking place, entitled 'How To Really Make A Living In Audio' on the edition of the Working Class Audio podcast found here.

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