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NAMM 2020 — Audient debut affordable Evo interfaces

New brand aims to woo beginners in the recording market on price and ease of use

Audient's new entry-level brand Evo debuts at NAMM 2020 with the launch of two new affordable interfaces.Audient's new entry-level brand Evo debuts at NAMM 2020 with the launch of two new affordable interfaces.

Hard on the heels of SSL, another British console and interface manufacturer, Audient, also debuted two new super-affordable interfaces at NAMM — although in Audient's case, they launched a new spin-off entry-level brand to market the new products. Evo will target podcasters and recording beginners by offering products that are super-affordable and approachable, beginning with two new bus-powered 24-bit/96kHz USB interfaces. The Evo 4 is certainly priced aggressively: for £100$129, you get access (via twin ‘combi’ XLR/balanced inputs) to two Audient-designed mic preamps with 58dB of gain, and round-trip latency as low as 4ms. The Evo 4 also has dedicated speaker and headphone outputs and 48V phantom power.

Both Evos offer what Audient call ‘Smartgain’ — an automatic gain-setting feature that allows beginners to start recording without having to adjust levels manually. Playing or singing briefly ‘primes’ the interface and the gain is then set appropriately. Audio loopback is also included, so that podcasters can record themselves and their subjects together easily.

The larger Evo 8 interface, whose pricing was confirmed at £159.99$199 just as the NAMM show was getting ready to open, offers four mic preamps to Evo 4’s pair, plus an additional speaker output pair and headphone jack. Both interfaces will be available later in the year.

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