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New Bumblebee DIY ribbon mic arrives

Active RM7 kit comes from Latvia with love

The Bumblebee RM7 kit.The Bumblebee RM7 kit.

Latvian DIY mic manufacturers Bumblebee Pro, known for their ribbon mic kits, DI boxes and preamps, have announced a new low-noise active ribbon mic kit, the RM7. The RM7 (above) incorporates a built-in preamp, is powered happily from any 48V phantom power source (unlike some ribbons), and, according to Bumblebee, produces output levels comparable to condenser mics. As with the company’s other kits, apparently only basic soldering skills are needed to put it together.

According to company founder Artur Fisher, the RM7 incorporates several new design features compared to previous Bumblebee kits, including a new motor, the RE423, and thinner magnets, making for a more accurate, neutral high-frequency response compared to those of the company’s previous ribbon mic kits, and also those of vintage ribbon mics.

The RM7 kit costs €453.75 including Latvian VAT€375 excluding Latvian VAT, which is non‑payable on US orders. Delivery charges vary, but are never more than €15 to the USA or Europe.

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