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New DI Boxes from Warm Audio

Active and passive DI designs to debut at NAMM show

The front side of the active version of Warm Audio's new Direct Box.The front side of the active version of Warm Audio's new Direct Box.

Warm Audio have introduced two new aluminium DI boxes, one active and one passive, and will be showing both at next week's NAMM show in California. The Direct Box Active and Direct Box Passive are based around custom-wound Cinemag transformers and are solidly built with hard-wearing switches and knobs for use in demanding studio and live situations.

The rear side of the Direct Box Active.The rear side of the Direct Box Active.

Views of both sides of the active design are shown above; the active box can be placed into passive mode by flicking the switch to the right of the XLR connector on the rear panel, and the passive design differs only in that it lacks this switch and is therefore always passive. Designed to offer transparency rather than a ‘coloured’ sound, the new boxes include some handy features, such as an onboard variable (-3 to -30 dB) pad to allow you to attenuate signals that are too hot before routing them on.

The Direct Box Passive costs €179 in Europe$149 in the US, the Direct Box Active €219$199.

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