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New digital wireless mic systems from AKG at NAMM

DMS100 & DMS300 are aimed at performing musicians

Announcing AKG's DMS-series wireless mics. This is the DMS300 system.Announcing AKG's DMS-series wireless mics. This is the DMS300 system.

AKG launched two new affordable wireless mic systems for performing musicians at NAMM, the four-channel DMS100 and the eight-channel DMS300. Operating uncompressed in the 2.4GHz wireless band with low latency at 24-bit, 48kHz resolution, with AES 256-bit encryption for security, both systems offer the option of operation via a handheld AKG mic transmitter or via belt-pack transmitters and clip-on instrument or headset mics. The transmitters are simply and intuitively paired with the receiver by pushing buttons on the mics or belt-pack, a process made still easier on the DMS300 by the LCD display. Up to four DMS100 and up to eight DMS300 systems can be used together simultaneously.

Both systems will be available in the Spring, and pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet, but both are currently expected to retail for well under £400$500.

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