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New in UAD v9.11.0...

Latest upgrade adds more classic hardware and software models

UAD v9.11.0 features model of Sonnox software and Diezel and Avalon hardware.UAD v9.11.0 features model of Sonnox software and Diezel and Avalon hardware.

Universal Audio’s latest UAD v9.11.0 upgrade for their range of interfaces and DSP accelerators brings with it the opportunity to buy three new plug-ins. There are two emulations of classic analogue studio hardware, and one handy UA model of a great Pro Tools studio plug-in: Sonnox’s SuprEsser de-essing processor (top left), which was reviewed in Sound On Sound back in September 2008 to praise from Editor In Chief Paul White. As on the original, a spectral analyser helps you pinpoint troublesome sibilance, and there’s a dry/wet mix control so you can add some of the unprocessed signal back in if you feel the de-essed audio sounds too unnatural. However, the latency performance of the original plug-in has been much improved, with the UAD-based edition of the plug-in offering “near-zero” latency, according to Universal Audio.

When it comes to the two modelled hardware plug-ins, one emulates German guitar amp manufacturers Diezel’s first product, the respected four-channel 100W VH4 valve amp (top right) first produced in 1994. The plug-in was developed by hardware modelling experts Brainworx and is fully endorsed by original designers Peter Diezel and Peter Stapfer. The other models Avalon Design’s much‑loved VT737 channel strip (above centre), including the original’s valve-based mic preamp offering up to 58dB of gain, the LED-based optical compressor, and the discrete four‑band EQ.

As usual, all three plug-ins come with the UAD upgrade, but you have to pay to keep them active after a 14-day trial period. The Sonnox SuprEsser DS plug-in costs £189$249 to buy, the Diezel VH4 Amplifier is £115$149, and the Avalon VT737 is £229$299.

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