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No more fiddling with monitors, promise Audient

Compact Nero monitor controller offers plenty of I/O

Audient's Nero monitor controller.Audient's Nero monitor controller.

The new Nero is a tabletop monitor controller from Audient providing “centralised, customisable control from your desktop studio”, with what looks like plenty of I/O and flexible control options. There are four stereo analogue inputs, including two line-level inputs, a dedicated cue mix input, one aux input (on RCA or mini jack) and optical and coaxial S/PDIF inputs. These can be volume-matched and fed to three stereo speaker outputs, one assignable sub output, and four headphone outputs.

There are also various monitoring options derived from Audient’s larger and more expensive Centro controller (see SOS February 2007), including polarity reverse and mono buttons and cue mix monitoring, together with the ability to store monitor configurations to top-panel buttons for fast recall in busy studios. There’s a built-in talkback mic as well as the option to connect your own gooseneck via a rear-panel XLR if you prefer.

The Nero is due to ship before the Summer and will cost a very reasonable £375$499. Not bad considering the Centro was over three times the price 12 years ago!

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