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Peach Audio announce Savannah

Introducing the valve mic pre from down under

Peach Audio's new Savannah mic preamp.Peach Audio's new Savannah mic preamp.

Peach Audio, an equipment manufacturer from Sydney, Australia, is a name new to SOS, although the company have been in existence down under since the early 1980s. The company’s first product to be sold internationally is the seemingly very flexible valve-based M196sx stereo mic preamp, also known as the Savannah.

Offering over 60dB of gain per channel, the new mic pre can accept mic‑ or line-level inputs, as well as high‑impedance guitar signals via front-panel instrument jacks, and there’s transformer-balanced I/O (behind the ‘option’ plate on the rear panel) for re-amping. 48V phantom power can be supplied on both mic-level inputs if required, and the input impedance on the mic input offers four settings to accommodate both 50 and 200 Ω mics. The power supply can be switched between 110V and 240V operation via a selector on the rear panel for use anywhere internationally.

The Savannah seen head-on.The Savannah seen head-on.

The front panel sports switchable twin VU meters, plus dedicated controls for high- and low-pass filters, phase invert and mute buttons for each channel, and Mid‑Sides output options (when the Mid-Sides button is pressed, the left line output carries the sum signals, while the right outputs the difference signals). There is even a choice of transformer-balanced and “cleaner‑sounding” transformerless outputs, depending on your sonic preference, the different types accessed via a single two-way switch. Output attenuation is also available in switchable 8dB increments, so your amplified mic signals don’t run too hot.

In the UK, the Savannah is available via SX Pro, retailing at £2999The Savannah is available in the USA via Vintage King, retailing for $2999. A review of the M196sx is scheduled to appear in SOS in the near future.

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