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PEEX puts live audiences in the driving seat

Mix your own live sound!

The PEEX wearable tech - the rX receiver.The PEEX wearable tech - the rX receiver.
PEEX is a new technology that augments the live‑sound experience by letting members of the audience personalise their audio mix. Early adopters include Elton John, who has been using it on his current world tour.

For the listener, the system comprises the PEEX rX receiver, which is rented at the gig and worn around the neck; a pair of in-ear headphones; and a free app with five faders for controlling stems such as vocals, guitar, piano, drums and bass. Setting up PEEX is a collaborative process with the artist’s sound engineers, with the system receiving either digital or analogue audio and operating independently of the main audio production. Where it gets really clever is in its handling of delay. The PEEX system listens to the FOH mix and creates a “digital fingerprint”, which is broadcast as metadata to the rX receivers along with the digital audio. Using that data, the rX then identifies the optimum delay to apply to the buffered digital audio before it is released to the user’s earphones. The earphones can also reduce ambient sound pressure levels by up to 10dB (SPL) at the eardrum, which can reduce the risk of long-term hearing damage.

The other side of PEEX is in its listening app, where concert-goers can buy individual live shows — such as the ones they’ve attended, for example — in the same five-channel, mixable format, giving audiences a chance to relive and remix the gig, whilst also supporting the artist.

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